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Are you frustrated with the “hiring process”?

Have you filled out dozens of online applications, read books that help to prepare for interview techniques or question & answers and even had interviews that you thought went really well only to end up hearing nothing?

More than ever, there are fewer and fewer really good job opportunities and more and more competition. Some of your competitors for those good jobs may have more experience, a better education and some may even have relationships inside the company. What you need to overcome all these obstacles and get hired is an edge – a competitive advantage – in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

What you need is The Art of Getting Hired.

man-imgI’m Brad Justice and I want to thank you for stopping by. I know how frustrating the hiring process for getting the job you want can be. I know because I’ve been interviewing for jobs for over 25 years now. Since 1988, my job has been to search for organizations that are looking for the type of products and services the companies I represent provide and convince them to hire me. Nothing works all the time, but through the years, I’ve learned and developed 12 simple things that consistently work and get me hired. The good news is you don’t have to work and train for the next 25 years to learn the skills I know to find the right career or getting the job you want. You can learn them right now!

I’m not here just to sell you any simple books on career change or job interview questions and answers book. I want to help you get the job or finding the right career you want - soon. I also want to help you achieve your goals and improve every area of your life for you and your family. I’m going to teach you all the things I used to achieve all my goals. The very things that have changed my life I still use every day to get hired and grow my business.

As you can see, I’m not a self-help guru living in a mansion on the beach. I’m a real life entrepreneur. I continue to run my business on a daily basis (using the same skills I want to teach you). I know how hard it is on people and families to not have the job you want. I want to teach you the same things the pros use to beat out the competition and get the really good jobs. I also want to be accessible to you in case you need some help or just a little encouragement. You can reach me by email or on twitter.

Through this book, I want to give you all the tools to end your struggles, get hired and start achieving all of your goals right away. I am sure that this book will change your life. Buy The Art of Getting Hired now and I’ll include a Free copy of The Secret to Achieving any Goal – the same process I’ve used for 25 years to achieve all my goals. The Secret to Achieving any Goal is going to absolutely blow you away. I’ll also touch base with you each week to share helpful tips & techniques and even more new things you can use to keep growing and achieving your goals.

I’ve been very fortunate to learn these valuable skills and I can’t wait to share them with you!

All the best,

The Art of Getting Hired will teach you

  • How to stop chasing the jobs that are open and start targeting where you really want to work.
  • How to avoid the most common mistake applicants make.
  • A simple 7 second technique that will open closed doors and get your calls returned.
  • How to stop wasting your time pursuing “openings” that really aren’t open.
  • How to look and sound like a company insider before you’re hired.
  • How to speak the employer’s language.
  • How to write a powerful cover letter that will stand out and sell you.
  • Discover your single greatest power.

This is not just another pie in the sky self-help book. These are the very same things that top executives and entrepreneurs have used for decades to get hired time and time again. The Art of Getting Hired will teach you these same high level skills that you can use to find the job you want and get hired now. These skills will change the direction of your career and your life.

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Get The Art of Getting Hired Now

And receive your FREE copy of The Secret to Achieving Any Goal – The very process I used to achieve all my goals

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Who needs this book?Anyone looking for a job. Even small business owners and salespeople can use this simple process to get hired.

What makes you qualified to teach people how to get hired?Because I’ve spent nearly three decades of my career trying to get hired by some of the toughest and most discerning organizations in the country. During my career, I’ve tried just about every honest thing I could do to get hired. Most things didn’t work, but a few did. I’ve found 12 things that did work and made a process out of it. I call it The Art of Getting Hired. You can find out more about me here.

How can you be so confident in this process?Because I’ve been using this process for many years and I’ve seen it work time and again.

Get The Art of Getting Hired Now

And receive your FREE copy of The Secret to Achieving Any Goal – The very process I used to achieve all my goals

  • getting-book
  • All for only $9.99!

    Change your life for less than $10.00!

    Buy Now!

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